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Surgical Services

We know that nobody likes the thought of their furry friend having surgery, however we want to assure you that your pet is in the safest of hands. At Crossroads Animal Clinic our team will provide your pet with the utmost of care from the beginning to the end of their surgery. During surgery your pet will be closely monitored via a heart monitor and a veterinary assistant throughout the duration of the surgery. After your pet's surgery is complete, our veterinary assistant will continue to monitor your pet to ensure their safety and comfort during recovery.

Surgical Services Include:

* Spay (Ovariohysterectomy) and Neuter (Castration)

* Feline Declaw (Onychectomy)

* Ear Cropping, Tail Docking, and Dewclaw Removal

* General Soft Tissue Surgery

* Orthopedic Surgery (such as bone pinning)

* Electrosurgery (to remove small skin growths)

Dr. Ben Cox

The image above depicts a radiograph of a cat with urinary stones (uroliths) in the bladder that was causing significant pain, discomfort and urinary tract infections. After surgical removal of the uroliths from the bladder (cystotomy) at Crossroads Animal Clinic, this kitty was on the road to recovery and a much healthier future.

Dr. Smith performing a life-saving leg amputation on a patient that suffered a major injury that was not repairable.   

Dr. Cox and Jodie performing a cesarean section (c-section) on a cow! We had a successful live calf and the mother was doing great as well after the surgery!

Dr. Ben Cox performed life-saving stomach surgery on a dairy cow on March 20, 2014 after the cow's stomach had flipped (a condition known as left displaced abomasum or LDA). Don't worry, even though the cow is awake, she can't feel a thing!

Surgical Suite

A gunshot to the rear leg left this young dog with a shattered femur and facing possible amputation or worse, euthanasia. The doctors at Crossroads Animal Clinic were able to save this dog's leg and repair the fracture. Now this dog has long future ahead of her with no loss of function to her previously damaged leg!

Wendy prepping one of our larger swine patients for surgery to repair a hernia. 

After surgery, this cow was feeling better and on her way back to the dairy barn to join the rest of her herd and return to normal life on the farm.

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