Crossroads Animal Clinic

Caring for your animal health needs since 1984.

What can we do for your pet?

Small Animal Services:

Veterinary Symbol

The list of services provided to our patients includes, but is not limited to:


*  Preventative Medicine

*  Blood Screening

*  Radiology

*  Ultrasound

*  Comprehensive Examinations

*  Medical and Surgical Care

*  Dental Care

*  Spa Services

*  Boarding

Emergency After-Hours Services

Ultrasound is a great diagnostic tool to "see" what is going on internally on any animal.

Large Animal Services:

Large animal services offered at Crossroads Animal Clnic include, but are not limited to:


*  Preventative Medicine

*  Medical and Surgical Services

*  Artificial Insemination

*  Ultrasound

*  Blood Screening

*  Emergency After-Hours Services

Equine Barn for Large Animal