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Monthly Promotions & Specials

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We WANT to save you money at Crossroads Animal Clinic AND keep your pet healthy! When you purchase flea, tick and heartworm preventatives, and even prescription medications, we want to you to get the most for your money! That is why we are constantly updating you with new specials and rebates on our products. We also have monthly promotions at Crossroads Animal Clinic to save you even more! The major benefit of purchasing your pet's flea/tick or heartworm preventative with us is that your product is GUARANTEED! This means that if you (or your pet) do not like the product, the cost will be refunded. In addition, if your pet has a reaction or if your pet becomes infected with heartworms or other intestinal worms covered by the product, the cost of treatment is paid for by the company. Check our webpage and online pharmacy often for new updates on specials and promotions and we will make sure to keep you informed and help you save!

 *Please see package information for details and restrictions or consult our veterinarians for more information.

Online Pharmacy

You can now order from us ONLINE!! Check us out online at, or click the picture to the right!

6 Reasons To shop our online Pharmacy

  1. All products in our online pharmacy strictly follow manufacturer requirements for storage temperature, use-by dating, and shipping. Medications and diets are sent in tamper-proof packaging with plenty of time before their expiration date.

  2. Buying from our online pharmacy allows us to keep your pet’s patient record as upto-date and accurate as possible. We know your pet’s age and weight, their condition and prescription history, and so much more. As your trusted advisor, we strive to maintain a complete picture of your pet’s health.

  3. Just like the big-box retailers, we offer regular discounts on the most popular pet brands. And we’ll send those deals right to your inbox, so you can order right away and capture great savings.

  4. Take advantage of Auto-Ship in our online pharmacy and never worry about missing a dose for your pet. Choose between shorter-term or longer-term auto-refill options, and we’ll take care of letting you know when you’re due for another exam. Super convenient!

  5. When you buy from our online store, you’re showing your support for your local veterinarian. And you’re helping us stay competitive with the big-box online retailers!

  6. If your pet has allergies, digestion issues, or certain flavor preferences, we offer medications in customizable, innovative dose forms – such as gels, flavored chews, mini melts, and more – that can help you stick to their medication regimen.

Monthly Specials:


Bloodwork can detect early onset hidden illnesses that may not be outwardly noticeable 

It is important to your pets health to regularly check their teeth. A dental can reduce bacteria that can have a negative impact on the heart and other organ systems. Who doesn't love fresh, clean breath?

March & September: MICROCHIP ONLY $24.99 

A microchip is a permanent identification, that if lost/stolen will lead directly back to you as an owner.

April & October: HEARTWORM TEST ONLY $21.00

Many dogs with heartworm disease display no signs. Check out the deals on Heartworm prevention here!

Spaying or Neutering your pet can prevent certain cancers, unwanted liters and can also help with behavioral issues


If you have had an exam in 2023 you are already entered in the drawing. Multiple winners will be drawn for prizes amounting up to $1500! Call us today to schedule your wellness check!

Stayed tuned for promotions and discounts for June & July that have never been done before!!

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