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Success Stories

November 2016

Meet Dexter. Dexter eats rocks all the time. Dexter also ate roofing nails. Yes, roofing nails. More than one. After some special diet instructions, a few meds and several trips to Crossroads for radiographs to ensure the roofing nails and rocks were passing, Dexter went home just fine. No surgery needed. One lucky dog. 

June 2014  

    Meet Milo. Milo is a 4 month old Boxer that came to Crossroads severely sick from a common tick disease known as Ehrlichiosis.

    Ehrlichia is transmitted by a simple bite from an infected tick and can cause numerous symptoms including lethargy, depression, poor appetite, weight loss, fever, spontaneous bleeding, respiratory distress, anemia, swelling of the legs, lameness, several eye problems, meningitis, and seizures. Severe cases can be fatal. However, we often have confirmed infections in dogs that have no symptoms at all!

    Milo's condition was rapidly declining, so rapid in fact, that within 48 hours of his initial symptoms of pain and lameness, he was in critical condition and dangerously anemic. After extensive treatment and hospitalization for days, a blood transfusion, and hours of nursing care, Milo finally began to improve.

    Milo was finally well enough to go home where his family continued to nurse him back to health. Although Milo still has lasting effects from his Ehrlichia infection to this day, he is a happy and active dog and he has a loving and devoted family to thank for that. 

Milo during his hospitalization. He was one sick puppy!

Milo finally at home and happy with his friend Molly.

November 2014

Meet Lacy. Lacy is a 2 year old Australian Shepherd that came to Crossroads Animal Clinic after being either hit by a car or kicked in the face by a mule. Lacy's primary injury was a broken lower jaw, known as a mandibular symphyseal fracture. Lacy had to have surgery right away to repair her injuries. Without surgery to repair Lacy's jaw she would not be able to eat and would likely die of starvation and infection. 

Dr. Mike Smith was able to surgically repair Lacy's jaw using both a pin and wire to stabilize the fracture. Within days of her injury, Lacy was back to her normal self and eating well. 

The pictures below show Lacy's surgery. Don't worry, Lacy was heavily sedated and didn't feel a thing! 

November 2014

Meet Reba. Reba is a smiling and happy boxer in this post-surgery picture, because she is feeling much better. What was wrong with Reba? Reba came to us one Monday morning with a history of vomiting over the weekend. The owner also told us that just prior to her becoming sick, Reba had destroyed part of her dog bed. 

Radiographs were taken of Reba's abdomen and they revealed that Reba's stomach was full of stuffing from her bed causing a blockage and making her sick. Reba was scheduled for gastrotomy surgery (opening her stomach) that same day to remove the obstruction. 

The photos below were taken during and after the surgery. Reba had eaten a quart-sized amount of stuffing--tag and all! Reba's recovery went smoothly and she was back to her playful self in no time! 

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