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Crossroads Animal Clinic wants to be involved with and educate our community in all aspects of animal health care. As our commitment to the community, CAC has contributed numerous hours to serving the public by:

* Hosting small groups of children at CAC for an overall veterinary experience and learning opportunity.

* Allowing volunteers and job shadowers to spend time at CAC during an average work day to learn and experience all aspects of veterinary medicine.

* Providing preceptorships to veterinary students currently enrolled in veterinary school.

* Educational speeches at local elementary schools to children to expose them to veterinary medicine.

* Involved in 4-H to provide youth with animal health education.

* Educational courses for the Taylor County Cattlemen's Association

* Educational classes provided at the local Taylor County UK Extension Office for local farmers.

* Pet facilitated psychotherapy classes for elderly caregivers provided at the Taylor County UK Extension Office.

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