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Monthly Promotions & Specials



We WANT to save you money at Crossroads Animal Clinic AND keep your pet healthy! When you purchase flea & tick preventatives, heartworm preventatives, and even prescription medications from CAC, we want to you to get the most for your money that is why we are constantly updating you with new specials and rebates on our products. Along with our specials on products and prescription medications, we have monthly promotions at Crossroads Animal Clinic to save you even more! The major benefit of purchasing your pet's flea/tick or heartworm preventative with us is that your product is GUARANTEED!  This means that if you (or your pet) does not like the product, the cost will be refunded.*  In addition, if your pet has a reaction or if your pet becomes infected with heartworms or other intestinal worms covered by the product, the cost of treatment is paid for by the company.*  Check our webpage often for new updates on special and promotions and we will make sure to keep you informed and help you save!


 *Please see package information for details and restrictions or consult our veterinarians for more information.

Specials and Rebates:

Flea, Tick & Heartworm Preventatives:


*Bravecto--3 month flea/tick control

--Buy 2 doses and get $15 back

--Expires December 31, 2018

*Interceptor Plus

--Buy 6 doses, get $5 rebate

--Buy 12 doses, get $15 rebate

--Expires December 31, 2018

*Seresto--8 month flea/tick collar

--Buy 1 Seresto collar, any size, and receive a $15 rebate

--Expires December 31, 2018

*Seresto & Advantage Multi

--Buy 6 doses of Advantage Multi and a Seresto collar, and you will get a $60 rebate!!

--Expires December 31, 2018

*Advantage Multi

--Buy one 6-pack  and get a heartworm test, get $40 rebate

--Buy one 6-pack without a heartworm test, get $25 rebate

--Buy TWO 6-packs of Advantage Multi for the same pet and get a heartworm test, get $75 rebate

--Buy TWO 6-packs of Advantage Multi for the same pet, without a heartworm test, get $60 rebate

--Expires December 31, 2018


* Heartgard Plus

--Buy 12 doses and get a $12 rebate

--Expires December 31, 2018


--Buy 6 doses, Get 1 Free

--Expires Dec. 31, 2018

*Heartgard Plus and Nexgard 

--Buy 12 doses of Heartgard and 12 doses of Nexgard

--Receive $50 Rebate; Expires Dec. 31, 2018

*Frontline Gold 

--Buy 6 doses, Get 2 Free

--Buy 3 doses, Get 1 Free

--Offer expires Dec. 31, 2018



Prescription Medications & Supplements:


* Deramaxx

--Prescription arthritis medication that offers flexible dosing and is given one time daily for any dogs suffering from arthritis pain.

--Save up to $45 with your purchase of Deramaxx:

         *30 tabs=$15  *60 tabs=$30   *90 tabs=$45

--Offer expires 12/31/2018



 Monthly Promotions: 

February is Dental

 Health Month!

     Throughout the month of February we are offering 20% OFF teeth cleanings once again!  This is our most popular and asked about promotion every year. 

      Bad breath is more than just gross; it is usually an indicator of dental disease.  Dental problems lead to even more serious problems such as heart disease, kidney & liver disease!  Routine annual dental cleanings are the best method of preventing these diseases.   Good teeth can promote good health in your pet. Dental cleanings are about more than just a pretty smile, it's about your pet's overall systemic health. 

     We have limited space available and they go FAST, so hurry and schedule your pet ASAP and don't miss out!  All dental cleanings are by appointment only. Call 270-465-2202